We've got you covered! According to the National Retail Federation – 47% of surveyed consumers plan a “special outing” as their Father’s Day gift.  If you want to plan a fun afternoon to celebrate Dad but don’t know where to start, never fear! We’ve gathered a list of local events here in Zionsville and nearby cities. One of them is bound to be a perfect fit!

Bottles & BBQ at Hopwood’s Cellars Winery

BBQ food and wine is a great combo for a Father’s Day brunch, kicking off at 1 p.m at Hopwood Cellars. Dad’s get a FREE pulled pork sandwich, and a glass of wine. They also receive a raffle ticket for a bottle. The rest of the party can get a sandwich for $5.

Father’s Day at Books & Brews in Zionsville

If your dad is a reader, enjoys a sip of beer, or both – you might like this next one. Dads who come with their kids to Books & Brews in Zionsville will receive a five-dollar gift card for future use! Kids also eat free since it’s a Sunday.

Celebrate Father’s Day at Rosie’s Place 

Some holiday specials are on the Rosie’s Place menu at both locations (Zionsville and Noblesville). These include the Meat Lover’s Omelet, Southwest Park Benny and “split bacon pancakes” that can be shared by the whole family!

Nature Play Day

Meals aren’t the only choice for Father’s Day! So break out the sunscreen and your hiking boots. You can explore the great outdoors with a “family friendly nature walk” at the Zion Nature starting at 1 p.m.

Father’s Day Brunch at Matt the Miller’s Tavern 

Nearby Carmel restaurant has a whole assortment of breakfast items for their holiday brunch- including prime rib and turkey stations, shrimp cocktail, and eggs Benedict. There’s also a buffet specifically for kids and two different bars- one for coffee, and one for bloody Mary’s!

One of the best things about working here in Zionsville is the community. The local businesses offer unique and fun experiences, both for holidays like Father’s Day and a regular fun night out! Be sure to check back as Your Key to Fine Homes continues to report on local events you’ll want on your radar.

Pictures from respective event pages.

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