Any realtor can simply list your home. So why should you choose Your Key to Fine Homes? Because we won't just list your home - we will tell your story. Every home is unique, and we aren't afraid to try something new to market your home's story. But there are some core components which lead to our consistent success stories (you can read some of those here).

The Keys to Fine Homes Difference:

Professional Photography

Believe it or not, this is a picture of the same room in a home. The difference is the one on the left was taken with an iPhone, and the one on the right was taken and edited by one of the professional photographers that we work with regularly. Lighting, staging, angles, all of these matter in making your home look the best it can be. Fantastic pictures lead to interested buyers!

Virtual Staging

Selling an empty home can be challenging. Potential buyers may be unsure the designation of certain rooms - and are less likely to be inspired by four walls and some carpet. We help these buyers envision a life within the home by utilizing virtual staging. 

Zillow Expertise

Last year, Zillow had 140 million monthly average users. If previous years are any indication, this number will trend up. Understanding the Zillow algorithm is integral to a successful listing. When you list with Your Keys to Fine Homes, your home won't just BE on Zillow, it will SHINE on Zillow. 

Here are some examples:

Facebook Marketing

Facebook and real estate are a match made in Heaven.  It's a visual platform, and what peaks a buyer's initial interest in a home, is of course, how it looks. Facebook also allows for specific targeting so we can reach those most likely to be interested in your home.  We focus on creating interest for your listing with an exciting post without giving all the information away instantly. All of our posts feature a strong call to action leading them to the next step in our sales process. 

Example:The response:

See more examples on our Facebook page

Email Marketing

Some marketers have lost faith in email marketing due to the flooded inboxes many of us have. But we believe that the right email, catered to specific audiences based on their previous activity within our site/social media can still lead to great results. It's a great tool to update potential buyers who might have seen the home on Facebook or another medium.


(Take note that the average email in real estate to large audiences is reported to have only 20.84% open rate, and 1.91% click through rate. By fine tuning our audiences, we get much better rates!)

Video Marketing

Facebook is planning to bring video "to the forefront of the Facebook experience." That's why we believe it's important to have a focus on video NOW, so we can fine-tune our process before it becomes common place. Pictures are wonderful, but a video tour can make the home feel more "real" to buyers and spark more interest in seeing it in person. It also allows us to show off extra features that can't always be shown in a still photograph.  



Print Marketing

Digital marketing is an amazing medium that allows us to reach more people than ever before. But when someone is at an open house or checking their mailbox they can't hold a finely crafted Facebook post about your home. That's where print media as it's place -  in the form of sales literature and postcards, a physical reminder of what makes your home special.


Sales Literature


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