Whether you are a first time homebuyer or have been through the process many times - buying a home is a huge decision. You're choosing a place that you'll go to sleep in, eat daily meals, throw parties, make memories in...

There's no reason you should have to go on this journey alone. Did you know working through a realtor to buy a home doesn't cost you anything? Commission is paid by the seller. Since it's free- why not choose an expert?

Here is a look inside the Keys to Fine Homes home buying experience- true concierge-level service:

Step One: Financial Planning

You don't want to start "officially" shopping for homes until you know what you can spend. A lender can help you determine this based on your current financial situation. Need a recommendation? 

Your average realtor won't work with you until you've completed this step. But I'd be happy to meet with you no matter what stage you're at. Due to my years of experience, I can connect you with the people who can help you start on your journey.

You also need to address your current living situation. If you are renting - when is your lease ending, and when is the latest you can buy and move in to a new home? Or are you considering buying out your lease?

If you are currently a homeowner, you have to answer some questions about that home. Are you going to buy first and then sell, sell first and then buy, or juggle something in between?

Step Two: Define Needs and Wants

When you describe your dream home, every detail might feel like a need.  The house in your head had a white picket fence, so you NEED to have one in real life right?

The way you can determine NEEDS is by looking at how many members are in your household, and your currently daily routine. A number of bedrooms and bathrooms is a great starting point. You also want to consider school zones, commute times, and neighborhoods, based on what might be applicable to you.

This doesn't mean you can't have some of your "wants". You just need to be able to prioritize them and choose ones that are realistic for your market and budget. Custom home building is always an option too.

Step 3: Shopping

This is the "fun" part right? I am constantly studying the market, and can send you listings that meet your list of needs (and hopefully some wants!). After you tell me which ones you want to see in person- we set up a showing. If you want to see 10 houses? I'll go with you to see 10 houses. 

Can't make it a showing because you're in another state or otherwise unavailable Facetime you. We'll make it work - because that's what concierge level service is all about.

Step 4: Move-In

I believe in taking care of someone in a move. That means if you can't move in right away, and need help setting up lawn care or security - I've got you covered. Our professional relationship doesn't end when you sign on that dotted line.

Been in your home for 5 years and need a recommendation for some reapirs? I'll be happy to connect you with someone. 

If you think you are ready to get started on your home journey, you can click here  to schedule a phone call. I'm happy to talk, no matter where you are in the process.